Time passes, and memories fade …

Introducing Planet

The App for Chilling, Hanging Out, Random Adventures, Road Trips and Enjoying Life with Your Friends!

Control every single possible experience that you have with your pals, gals, buddies, homies by one person planning and inviting everyone else, planning the event together, being reminded when it begins, everyone checking into a meeting point, knowing where everyone is at all times during the event, and etch the memory forever from every which angle possible with each one of your friends camera’s being combined into one for everyone to enjoy.


Fun and Memories

Everyone knows the first definition of moments. Simply a brief period of time. But only a few people know the second meaning. Moments also means importance and significance. With Planet all of the memorable moments in life become important. And you can keep them forever. Enjoy them. Reminisce. Remember. Relive. 

Moments will be a special feature on Planet. Here’s where the attendees will have a chance to select special photos that captured a certain moment. You upvote certain pictures that you think are the best, and depending on the ones that get the most votes/likes/bumps, they will appear at the top. 


Live Mode

Connect and Meet

A unique feature about Planet will be “Live” mode. This phase of the app will emerge when an event is being launched and members start to come together. Think Uber – driver meets passenger. Now think Planet – friends meet friends and get ready to create lifelong memories and experiences.

In Live mode there will be a “Whereabouts” tab where location of every person within the Planet (participants in your event) will be available on a map for everyone to see. It will have the individual names on the side so that when a specific name is tapped, their location is the only one that shows.

When someone reaches the meeting point specified, a notification will be given in the chat, “X person has arrived.” This is a message for those people who haven’t arrived yet, to let them know who has.

Once everyone has checked in and is now together at the meeting spot, there will be a notification in the chat, that “It seems that everyone is together… let’s go!” to prompt everyone to make a move.


Etch Your Memory

With Planet you can etch your memory and know that it’s safe. Late nights or bored at work? Take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of your most amazing outings. Create the best event experiences and go through all of your photos in a synchronized and organized way – looking at not just your own photos, but also your friends’.

Planet is in Beta

We’re working very hard to bring this vision to life. You can leave your email address below to stay up to date with our progress.